Oceanside Pistol Club Training

Bill Heyder

Bill Heyder teaching the proper way to grip a pistol

My name is Bill Heyder, and I have been into shooting since age 10. I joined the Marine Corps in 1968. I served under hostile fire in Vietnam, after which I was assigned duty at the NATO Base in Naples, Italy. There I became an instructor and taught NATO forces (US ARMY) in the use of explosives. Upon return to the United States I was assigned to Camp Pendleton and sent to re-qualify with the M-14 rifle. My final score was 248 out of 250, two points off a perfect score and a new qualifier record for Wilcox Range Camp Pendleton. With this I attained my fourth Expert award with the M-14 Battle Rifle. Due to the retirement of the M-14 rifle shortly there after this record should stand for all time. After this I was assigned to the division rifle and M-60 team where I remained until my discharge. I have been shooting ever since.

Some 10 years ago I joined the "International Defensive Pistol Association." I am member #A00470, the IDPA now is well over 25,000 and growing. I started the first International Defensive Pistol Association club in California and I am still running matches every month. I have held awards for IDPA in the California State Championship. In 1998 I finished fifth place CDP/Sharpshooter, in 2000 third place CDP/Sharp Shooter, and 2001, finishing first place CDP/EXPERT. In December 2001, I qualified as a 4 gun Expert in the divisions of CDP, ESP, SSP, and SSR. I was the first to qualify as a 4-gun expert west of the Mississippi River. I received NRA certification as a RSO (Range Safety Officer) in 1999 and as an IDPA RSO in 2001, this started my interest in Firearms Instruction. I became an NRA Instructor September 2000 and have had a great time teaching new people to be safe and enjoy firearms.

In December 2007 I decided to start teaching as the ground work for starting a retirement business. In January, 2003 I became a Department of Justice, State of California, Hand Gun Safety Instructor. I am certified to instruct for the Hand Gun Safety Certificate and to administer the two tests, the written and the safety demonstration. In 2005 I received the NRA certification as "Shotgun Instructor".

March of this year, 2007, I became a certified instructor for the San Diego Sheriff's Dept. to instruct for Concealed Carry Weapons Training. This training is required to receive a CCW, it includes the class room training, a pre-written test and a pre-shooting test. All of which are required to complete the training both for first timers and for re-qualifiers.

As an added service I am offering the Florida CCW training and application for those who travel out of state. The Florida CCW is good in 38 other states. If you have one be sure to check the state you are going to visit for CCW reservations. In November 2007 I received Instructor Certification for the NRA "Personnel Protection in the Home."

        Bill Heyder
        1426 Puritan Drive
        Oceanside, CA 92057