Stage Props

Prop List for Stage Designers

Props setup in a match stage

Listed below are the props that the club owns or has access to. Stage designers can refer to this list when designing stages. Remember that IDPA matches typically have 4 stages total all set up at the same time and we have to share the props among those stages. For mini-IPSC we shoot three or four stages and at most two stages are set up at any one time (we also don't have a lot of manpower available for setup).

This list is by no means complete, send corrections, additions, and deletions to webmaster.

Think you have a good idea for a match? We'd love to hear from you.


Target Stands

  • 1x Drop Turner - our new drop turner target stand (requires a steel popper to activate)
  • 1x Swinger - swinging target stand (requires a steel popper to activate)
  • 2x Cantable Stands - one low (1.5ft?), one tall (3ft?) adjustable cant metal stands.
  • 16x Metal Stands - standard metal target stands, single target.
  • 19x Wooden Stands - homemade wooden target stands, single target.

    Steel Targets

  • 6x Pepper Poppers - standard 3 foot tall pepper poppers
  • 2x Small Drop Targets - "stop plates" from Man vs. Man, approximately 1 foot high.
  • 3x 8" Round fixed plates
  • 4x 12" Round fixed plates
  • 2x 12" Square fixed plates
  • 4x 12" x 16" Rectangular fixed plates
  • 2x Low fixed plate stands
  • 2x Medium fixed plate stands
  • 2x High fixed plate stands


  • 7x Orange Walls - our new 4' x 8' orange walls Orange walls are approximately 4 feet by 8 feet with a variety of ports
  • 4x Tall Walls - Approximately 7' high by 2' wide, free standing.
  • 2x Medium Walls - Approximately 4' high by 2' wide, free standing.
  • 2x Medium L-Shaped Walls - Hinged 2 piece walls, with ports (Man vs. Man low cover).
  • 1x Door - Free standing door.


  • 10x Blue Barrels - complete barrel with top and bottom, approximately 3.5 feet tall.
  • 1x Blue Tube - Blue barrel with top and bottom removed, suitable for shooting through.
  • 1x Horizontal Barrel Stand - Holds barrel horizontally approximately 5 feet off the ground, primarily for use with the blue tube.

    Other Props

  • 1x Stuffed Bear - the "baby" is packed with enough lead to make it an arm full.
  • 1x Car - Theater display of "Lightning Mc Queen" from the animated film Cars (before he added the "whitewalls").