Need Winchester 231 powder

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Bill J:
Anybody know of Winchester 231 in stock or for sale anyplace?

Bill  I am looking for some too if you find it.  Let me know and we'll combine the order.

Jason Randall:
I'd be interested in group order-
solo 1000


Bill J:
I called Winchester (which is now Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester combined).
They have no 231 in stock.
They do not know when they will get more.
The last shipment went to Graf & Sons.
I called Graf &Sons, 231 is all gone.

I called Winchester back, asked for recommended alternative to Win 231.
Here's their list:

Hodgdon HP-38
Hodgdon Clays
IMR         700X
Hodgdon Tight Group
Win         Super Field

Anybody have experience using the recommended alternative powders?

I used Bullseye before Win 231.
I think Bullseye is available.

Jason Randall:
are you planning on using it in .45 Bill? if so I really like Clays about 4.0 gns feels real nice


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